This is how we operate to rebuild the enamel of your bathtub:

  1. We begin by removing silicon joins around your bathtub.
  2. We remove the water plug.
  3. We leave your drain in place and we protect it if needed.
  4. We treat your bathtub with 70% hydrofluoric acid to clean it in depth.
  5. We spread out the acid with a cloth.
  6. This treatment opens up the pores of the original enamel and burns the current enamel, which will help the new enamel stick to the bathtub’s surface.
  7. We fix imperfections and chips that might remain.
  8. The technician will protect everything in the bathroom with protective paper or plastic sheets if needed.
  9. We use an infrared neon of 36 inch hanged over your bathtub to accelerate the drying and heat the epoxy primer and the new enamel.
  10. We apply 4 layers of epoxy primer, the best epoxy primer on the market.
  11. We use again the same infrared neons to accelerate drying, this takes about 20 minutes.
  12. We than apply 4 or 5 layers of polyurethane enamel or if you prefer, polyester resina.
  13. We heat the whole for another 20 minutes with the infrared neon for greater resistance.
  14. To keep our price as low as possible, we do no return to remove the masking product, for shower doors reinstall or redo the silicone

This procedure has been perfected in 1994 by one of the owner and has now become a quality standard.

If your bathtub was painted in the past, scouring will be needed before we can proceed to anything else.

You understand that with the products used, SOS Baignoires uses a powerful ventilation system. The powerful fan we use is connected to a long tunnel which will evacuate 80% of the smell outside to keep to a minimum the smell inside the house.